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Visit My New Blog Location

October 22, 2006

Go to: http:\\


Lookin’ For Time In All The Wrong Places

October 11, 2006

A new assignment is a real killer for the first few days. Right now, I’m settling in and trying to create a stable lunch hour in order to keep up with my writing and in anticipation of NaNoWriMo. I should have all this ironed out by tomorrow. My new schedule finds me coming in at 1PM and leaving shortly after midnight. This necessitates a drastic change in my sleep habits – hence the lack of recent posts. But, as I said, I should have this worked out by tomorrow.

New Blog is Up

October 4, 2006

My new Blog is now open for business at :
I’m actually beginning to enjoy figuring out how to make changes to it (downloaded a freeware .php editor, today for example)


October 3, 2006

I am currently working on transferring my blogs to my home website: 


 This seems to be turning into a pretty big deal that may require me to steal some technology from the Borg. Anyway, this will be my project for the next few days. I still can’t figure how to transfer my old comments, etc. since the tools for the WordPress free blog differs from the WordPress for existing sites. It’s a good learing experience, though, and the end result will be something I can actually own – as opposed to just borrowing.