Get Your Red Hot Techs Over Here !

Today, I began the basic construction of my new\old website located at . I’ve decided to do a little bit each day since I’ve never had the time to mess with all the fancy html that everyone in the world but me seems to understand. Maybe, over a period of a few months, I’ll be able to master some of the basics (or at least learn how to steal code from those more talented than myself. I’m even considering some B-movie reviews (like we more of those – from me, no less). I spoke (via email) with Nathan over at Million Monkey Theater and he seems to have reached a temporary impasse regarding his completing more extensive reviews. Sounds similar to Ken Begg’s need for a vacation resulting in the much-missed current lack of updates on Jabootu. Ah well. The Agony Booth seems to be doing well, though.
Other than that, not much else going on, today. My own company ( ) is just starting out. It’s sort of an add-on to my wife’s pretty successful nurse staffing agency ( ). I’ll have to start making some room in my schedule in order to try to fit it in with my current career at Flextronics. Right now, it’s just the basics (tax ID, business license, etc.). At least I have office space that I sublet from Nursing Capital in downtown Olive Branch – so the overhead is cheap. It turns out the estranged wife is not so estranged, after all. That’s the amazing thing about life. You can find yourself walking on an Alaskan glacier one minute, enjoying the colorful tropical shores of Okinawa, the next – then end up hawking computer techs to various companies from an office in Olive Branch, Mississippi in the year 2006. If life were a rollercoaster, it would be banned by Six Flags and condemned by Disney World as “unsafe” (and their rides actually kill people). (note the two links)

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5 Comments on “Get Your Red Hot Techs Over Here !”

  1. Congrats on the new business and best of luck with it. All your success are belong to you.

  2. What, now everyone’s jumping ship from Blogger? I’m going to be so lonely here. 😦

    Seriously, I’ve been thinking about it lately myself. I’ve sought the advice of someone more knowledgeable than myself (aka Brother Eric) and he advises it. I’m but two questions away from a move myself. Until then, I shall change the link I had to your old site over to here.

    Good luck with the business.

  3. The more I use WordPress, the more I like it. However, I think I’ll still duplicate my posts on Blogger, since my original intention was to have a backup for my blog entries.

  4. BeckoningChasm Says:

    Which would be considered the primary blog? Should I update my links?

  5. I think I’m going to make WordPress my primary. It just looks and works better. I’m still going to do duplicate posts on Blogger for backup, but I’d appreciate it if everyone (who’s interested, that is) updated their links to this site. Thanks.

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