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A Nice Day for a White Wedding

March 27, 2006

Had a nice weekend, for the most part. I attended the wedding of one of the employees on Saturday. She’s from Romania, speaks five languages and is one of the sweetest young ladies you could ever hope to meet. She was a teacher in her native country. Where I work, she repairs plotters (very large printers about the size of an electronic piano). The ceremony, itself, was beautiful with a reception and dance that followed. This was the first opportunity that I had to dance in quite some time. The music was standard fare with the notable exception of “Brick House” by The Commodores, which really got me going.
Anyway, nothing much new beyond that. Tonight is “24” night at my house. Those darn terrorists.


Code 46

March 24, 2006

Brilliant, crisp clear day. The kind I absolutely enjoy. About 10 degrees warmer than yesterday which puts it in the mid 50’s. Just perfect for a brisk walk or allowing for a nice comfortable temperature where I work. I’m looking forward to the weekend since I have a wedding to attend tomorrow. A very nice young lady from Romania (who is not a vampire – see previous post) is getting hitched to a fine young gentleman which will afford her American citizenship. She and her brother are friends of the family and we’re extremely happy for her.
Didn’t do much, last night. But I did get a chance to see a movie that I had not even heard of before. “Code 46” with Tim Robbins (“The Shawshank Redemption”) and Samantha Morton (“Minority Report”). It was a bit slow moving, but I found it haunting and it riveted my attention throughout. A minor science fiction film, there’s really nothing to distinguish it. It actually plays out as more of a romance with the sci-fi elements in the background as opposed to being the drivers of the story. It involves Robbins investigating the theft and subsequent black marketing of “papelles” which is a necessary form of ID (replacing passports, etc.) if one is to travel to any location outside of one’s home city. Robbins has been given an “intuition virus” that allows him to learn just about anything from anybody merely by having them tell him something about themselves. Using this ability, he discovers that Morton is the one committing these crimes. However, rather than turn her in, he falls in love with her and they have an affair. The other main issue in the story is “Code 46” which is a law that is designed to prevent accidental in-breeding in a society that utilizes cloning to a great degree and one cannot be sure who they are related to.
As I mentioned, it’s a slow moving romance story that relies on mood more than anything else. Most people dislike it for this. I happened to be in a meditative state of mind when I saw it, so I can appreciate what the director was trying to do. I originally noticed that it was rated “R”, yet 2/3 into the movie and there was nothing to indicate that. Not a hint. Even the clothes were conservative with no “see through” features (even when Morton was wearing a t-shirt at home and seducing Robbins). Then, all of a sudden, voila! A completely unexpected scene of graphic nudity preceding an unusual sexual encounter. Wow – I didn’t see that coming! An interesting touch. It was like instant “R” rating in a can. A directorial decision that only further illustrates that this film was more arthouse than mainstream. Don’t see it if you’re looking for instant gratification entertainment. See it if you’re relaxing with your significant other or with your own quiet thoughts.

Spring Day

March 23, 2006

Cold, clear day. The sort of day that immediately wakes you up when you step outside for the first time. It’s also the kind of day that makes me grateful that I’m originally from the Northeast and not from the Tennessee\Mississippi area. These people think it’s actually cold when it’s in the 40’s. Not me. I hate the heat. You can always dress more warmly, but when it’s hot… What are you going to do? Show up for work in your underwear? Hot pants? Actually that’s a thought. I’d probably get invited to fewer meetings that way. Meetings are like vampires, except with less class. They just suck the life right out of you without the decency to be charming or sexy.
Speaking of which, I’m currently reading “Midnight Mass” by F. Paul Wilson. A light, interesting read in which the author (a former Catholic) starts off by methodically bashing Catholics, then does a complete 180 “upholding the faith”. I find that pretty hilarious. I guess you can take the kid out of the parochial school, but you can’t take the parochial school, etc. etc. The ghost of Sister Mary Maladjusted lingers on long after the slap marks disappear. Not that I’m one to talk. It took me forever to pin down the various theological errors in Catholicism. I guess I won’t be appearing in any Mel Gibson flicks any time soon. Not that that was ever a remote possibility. I hear the movie was horrible. I’ll have to see it.
Good day. Feeling good. Who could ask for more?

I’ve Been Tagged

March 22, 2006

I’ve recently been “tagged” by Beckoning Chasm to list seven songs that I’m currently into, then tag seven other people to do the same. Sort of a paradox, since the only people I really write to in blog form are the folks who have already been tagged by Chasm. Wrong damn generation, I suppose. None of my old friends blog. Oh well. Wait, I take that back – I could tag Ken Begg, but he has enough to do, what with being on constant alert for horrid films that lurk in the shadows awaiting the unsuspecting. I’ll reprint the list here:

1.”The Romantic Warrior” (Return to Forever)
2. “The Dreaming”(Kate Bush)
3. “Elephants in Love” (Jean Luc Ponty)
4. “Night Song” (Noel Pointer)
5. “Hejira” (Joni Mitchell)
6. “Night Flight” (Joe Sample)
7. “Ironbound” (Suzanne Vega)

I recommend them all (although Suzanne Vega can be a bit depressing at times. Witness “Luka” and “Small Blue Thing”. If I had to replace Suzanne, it would be with Rickie Lee Jones’ “Coolsville” or Bruce Cockburn’s “Inner City Front”). Nothing too obscure on this list, yet nothing really mainstream, either. The thing about each tune is that each one represents a milestone in my life. From driving back to the Army post through the snow after a weekend at home (New York City to Ft. Monmouth, N.J.) listening to “Hejira” to hanging out in a rooming house in Hyannis, MA listening to “The Dreaming” for the first time and standing there, astonished. Sometimes, music is everything.

Moving on …

March 21, 2006

Well. After a bit of a vacation to reflect on my life and it’s current path, I’ve finally decided to continue on with the blog. That’s kind of a funny way of looking at things, I guess. “Continue on with the blog”. Sort of a metaphor, I suppose. I’m making a few changes in my life – hopefully for the better. Although, in my heart, I pretty much know they’re for the better. So I guess that’s where my blog is ultimately heading. No more writing (or doing) to please others. No more tired slogging through life and writing. I’ve decided to be more focused on what I truly understand vs. what I think should happen or shouldn’t happen. As I close in on the 50 year mark, it’s time for a change. I either grip the mid-life crises stick in a panic and run out and buy a Harley or I use what I know to make a few improvements. I’ve chosen the latter. Sure, I may write a review or expose a piece of creative writing. But that won’t be my objective. My objective will be to re-affirm the things that I’ve know all along, but never had the guts to fully use. I kind of like that. So here it begins. A collection of daily antics, metaphysical observations and, who knows, maybe a bizarre movie review, here and there. Join me if you wish. Or not. But man, I’ve waited a lot of years for this. Onward…

The Only Thing Constant Is…

March 8, 2006

The last few days have gone by quickly. Things were pretty muck OK at work. Nothing really new. But with my boss being out for the last three weeks, on vacation, I’m left taking up the slack, so there’s been little time for writing. I was reading Beckoning Chasm’s thoughts on the direction of his blog. I’ve been considering that, as of late, too. Unlike Jabootu’s Bad Blogging Dimension, there’s no inherent direction that I’m pointed in. I can appreciate James Lilek’s work on his “Bleat”, but his talent far outshines my own. He can ramble on about his daughter for a considerable length of time, then suddenly insert a humorous aside that comes straight out of nowhere. If I could accomplish that, then I wouldn’t need a specific direction. Shoot, I don’t even have artwork to display like Cullen or Chasm. It was different when I was doing NaNoWriMo. I was in fever pitch mode and I was really excited about something. But when the days slip one into the other, it can be hard to be creative or humorous. So I think I’ll consider a new direction for this blog. Movie reviews have been done to death – so maybe something along the line of psychological observation. Or not. We’ll see…