At Work and “On the Bounce”

Well, the last few days certainly sped by in a hurry. My new position, at work, seems to have some of the characteristics of an inflatable raft that has been accidentally opened in a rather narrow closet. Everyone seems to “want something”, now. It’s like there’s a radar that hunts down anyone with a spare moment, lest that moment not be filled. But no matter. There may be a lot to do, but it’s not nuclear physics, as I like to say. Common sense usually fills the bill nicely. Although, when you get right down to it, common sense is usually what’s in short supply in most areas of life.

Had the usual day. Nothing too interesting to comment on. Last night, McGhee (the little poodle man) was a bit put off at all the attention the family was lavishing on Miss Cocoa (the shih tzu princess). When it was time for everyone to retire to bed, Miss Cocoa left with my daughter to the upstairs bedchamber and wife and I retired to the master bedroom, downstairs, with McGhee, as usual. However, he refused to sleep on the bed at our feet. He opted, instead, to sleep on his small pillow on the floor, completely ignoring us. I’m sure he was seriously trying to make a statement, because it was COLD last night and we make the most of our electric blanket, fuel bills being what they are and all. This morning, when my wife left for work (I don’t go in till 10AM), McGhee decided that we had had enough and asked to get up on the bed with me and defrost himself under the covers. That’ll teach me.

I was too tired, after work, to do much of anything, last night. Just a couple of chapters of “Starship Troopers” by Heinlein, which I’m re-reading. Carefully, this time. I missed too much the first go-round. I highly recommend it for science fiction fans and\or military buffs. Even if you don’t fall into one of these categories, the philosophical issues brought up can be rather fascinating. Especially the concepts of civil responsibility and who should be entrusted with handling the welfare of the state. Having served in the military, I can identify with many of his points. By the way, the movie, while entertaining, is no more than a superficial spoof of the novel.

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3 Comments on “At Work and “On the Bounce””

  1. I didn’t enjoy Starship Trooper myself. Not that I thought it was bad, mind you. It was 1.) not what I was expecting or wanting and 2.) a Heinlein novel. His stuff and I don’t mesh for some reason. Between this and Puppetmaster, I’ve been staying away.

    I’m not saying anything against him. It’s just that right now his works aren’t for me.

  2. I can understand that. When you consider that Starship Troopers is required reading for jr. enlisted Marines, obviously you’re not dealing with standard SciFi escapist fare.

  3. I had the same reaction when I first read it. The title “Starship Troopers” promises big space opera, and as I recall, the novel didn’t deliver that. Though I remember finding it ultimately interesting. Lots of Heinlein’s stuff is very rooted in making the future “realistic” rather than slam-bang action. But I always enjoyed reading him.

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