Star Bore

Well, here we are. Another beautiful day, outside, while finding myself in the dungeons of work. I’m seriously looking forward to Saturdays off, again. It’s especially tough at springtime. The winter has worn everyone down and now things are beginning to feel new, again. Maybe if this place had a few windows. I’ve come to cherish the memories of places I’ve worked that gave me the opportunity to look out a window on a brilliant, sunny day. Maybe I’m getting old, but I feel like life’s come to a sudden halt and I find myself on an endless treadmill. The hamster and the wheel scenario.
Or maybe it’s because I decided to watch “The Star Wars Holiday Special“, again, last night (yes, you got that right. I said “again”). Man, what a depressing bit of crap that was. I keep getting drawn to it like a masochist to the whipping post. It’s like watching a very long, drawn out train wreck with body parts a-flyin’. Although, I have to admit a certain fondness for Diane Carrol’s number. There’s something about that song that I find extremely haunting. The rest of the show is just plain wretched. You know you’re in for some pain when you’re watching something that involved Carrie Fisher singing (!). Was she high or what? I guess she decided to get coked up after reading the script. Not to mention the fact that she seems to have left her bra at home. The horrors of type-casting. Just ask Anthony Perkins (well, if he wasn’t dead, that is). One minute you’re in a hugely successful movie with pastry buns affixed to the sides of your head. A year later, there you are – strung out, braless and embarrassing yourself by singing a bizarre version of the “Star Wars” theme. Badly. With pastry buns affixed to the sides of your head.

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4 Comments on “Star Bore”

  1. Mr. Blue Says:

    Carrie did play a pretty good psycotic ex-fiancee in The Blues Brothers

  2. That’s true. I guess someone had to defend her, Mr. Blue. You’re too kind…

  3. Mr. Blue Says:

    Just an old crush…

  4. Good Lord, you willingly watched the SWHS twice?

    Man, I am in awe of that. That takes brass.

    I watched it once, bought it again on a bootleg DVD, but haven’t had the courage to watch it again.

    I loaned it to a guy at the office, and afterwards he thought I’d damaged the atmosphere of trust in the workplace. He was only half-kidding.

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